BRIDGE 544 changing lives, one student at a time.

Wednesday Night 6:00-7:30
Wednesday night is about searching for truth. Our goal is to provide truth to our students in every area of their lives. We tackle topics like, substance abuse, anger, self-harm, self-esteem, relationships, dating, God, eternity, and many other relevant topics. Our goal is to present the truth about these important topics in a fun and informative way. All of our teaching is filtered through the ultimate source of truth, the bible.

We also have a fun interactive trivia game every Wednesday night where the winner receives a $10.00 gift card. Finally we provide free pizza from Marco's pizza.  So I can sum up Wednesday night in three words: Trivia, Truth, Pizza!!
Friday Night -
Our Friday night program got so big we had to split our students into two groups. We rotate these groups every other Friday night. One week is for 8-12 grade, then the next week is for 6-7 grade.
8:00-12:00 for 8th-12th grade and 8:00-11:00 for 6th and 7th grade
Friday night is all about hanging out. We started this program about four years ago. We noticed that students were getting in trouble more frequently on Friday night than any other night. In response to that trend we wanted to create a safe place for students to hang out and get connected to their friends.

We provide activities like dodge ball, volley ball, frisbee, mini basketball, and XBOX. We also have a café where students can purchase drinks and snacks.